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    - Aboriginal and foremost, 900k (edit for typo) xp/hr in any accomplishment is ridiculous, I anticipate we can all accede on that; in a accepted faculty at least.

    - Let's be honest, crystallise was brainless OP anyway. They already nerfed it for Mining, and this nerf is altogether deserved, conceivably even added so than that one.

    - Yaktwee's 5% addict on top of the skilling accouterments absolute was out of band with added skills, and now that I anticipate about it a nerf does accomplish sense, even if it's not as necessary.

    - They're appropriate that exhausted manip is a glitch. On the added duke - as they mentioned - so it 4TAA. So they in fact should either abolish both or abolish neither; if their attitude is traveling to be "long-standing glitches players accept acclimated to their advantage are still glitches and they should still be fixed"...........then they should in fact just do that, including 4TAA. But they've anchored glitches like that afterwards affecting 4TAA, so…

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