​RuneScape - Even added annual to Revitalize Dead Content

      ​RuneScape - Even added annual to Revitalize Dead Content

      Burgh De Rott - Myreque Pub Adventure - A adventure to re-open the pub in Burgh De Rott for business to allure added adventurers.

      Afterwards you'd accept a annual Distraction/Diversion in which you prove your abilities to the audience in the pub to ascertain andk ills vampyres alive amidst humans. Agnate to the penguins, buy RuneScape gold but with a added austere tone. Play the mini-game enough, win experience, cash, and a new Slayer Master for Burgh De Rott!

      The pub would aswell advertise drinks that aid with Firemaking and Construction, to advice with the Shades Of Mor'ton mini-game.

      Behind The Scenes - Such a affably aberrant abode with amaranthine potiential, but there's no acumen to go aback afterwards the adventure is done. So here's three annual for it.

      Life Chantry Adventure - A new adventure demography abode afterwards Gower Adventure that lets you in actuality use the Activity Rune Altar, Activity Runes would be acclimated for contemporary spells with a added air-conditioned attributes to them. Added fun than practical.

      Retro Quests - Aback this is breadth old agreeable rests in peace, it would be accurate to be able to go actuality in acclimation to do removed quests like Romeo and Juliet or the aboriginal versions of adapted quests like Demon Slayer and Rune Mysteries.

      Retro Boutique - A abundance that sells discontinued untradeable items like the Scythe, the Mining & Smithing Rework Flier, the Anticipation Bubble, the Tainted Shard, the Activity Hat Fire Making, or the Rubber Chicken would aswell be appropiate... possibly even the Black Activity Hat from OSRS (Though acceptable not as this may abatement the bulk of the aboriginal activity hats, if this was awash it would accept to be anytime difficult and big-ticket like the Activity Hat from Dimension of Disaster)

      Make Over Mage - Adeptness to buy Book Of Bending, a tradeable, droppable, book that if torn allows a abecedarian to admission the Accomplish Over Mage from afar, put them in the Falador Activity Allowance and allure your buds to feel chargeless to about-face any sausage fest into a curvier affair, advice your guildmate out with Recruitment Drive by handing him one of these. Would accept to bulk 3k or more, possibly afar with a quest.

      Wizard's Tower - New Adventure Imp Catchers 2 - Unlocks a Distraction/Diversion involving award Corrupted Beads alone by appropriate kinds of Imps who arise randomly, acknowledgment an complete set for Purified Beads which can be exchanged for various items from a new abundance amid here, or just Magic Experience.

      Port Phantsmys - Ecto-Fungus Abundance - One of the better problems with Ecto-Tokens is that already you accretion the adeptness to admission the Port chargeless of charge, there is in fact NOTHING to absorb them on. That could change with the Ectofungus abundance which could advertise apparition themed items, maybe some cosmetics based on the ectofungus, and a Symbol and God Book for admiration the Ecto-Fungus (God Book may crave assault Horror From The Deep).

      Crafting Brotherhood - Add a boiler and a gem rock, but lock them abaft either Tasks or Quests.

      Tai Bwo Wanna - Accomplish Trading Sticks able to be placed in the coins pouch, add a abundance that uses them... One that sells a book that teaches you how to derma monkeys (Requires Tai Bwo Trio Adventure Completion) so that Monkey Corpses serve a purpose aloft the quest... if annihilation Monkey Corpses in their accepted accompaniment are like a corruption because accepting Monkey Basal is now hardly added difficult.

      Monastery - Adventure to about-face the chantry in the abbey into one you can action basal upon. One that's difficult and requires a top adoration akin as not to accomplish the one in the Wilderness obsolete.

      Dorgesh Khan - Anyone appropriate a mini-game like the Gnome Restaurant delivery, and it's not a bad idea. One of the barter could be a HAM Member indulging in a accusable pleasure, acceptance us to disclose the HAM Hideout as well!

      Varrock - A lot of abandoned stalls here, conceivably a Adventure could fix that. Possibly a aftereffect to the "From Tiny Acorns" Caper. Afterall a richer economy, agency added profits for thieves.

      RMadden's Brotherhood - Appealing simple one..... put added advantageous prizes up for grabs for the Archery Contest... Boom. Done.

      Elemental Workshop - There are two affidavit no one uses this. Aboriginal off, you can't get a complete set of basal as legs are missing, and second.. even afterwards commutual Basal Workshops allotment 2, 3, and 4 the methods for accepting the confined that those quests accord you is too bizarre to be annual it. If there's anytime an Basal Workshop Allotment 5, a simplified action of creating confined needs to be a reward.

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