WoW Classic - Ready, Steady, GO - Let the adventure begin

      WoW Classic - Ready, Steady, GO - Let the adventure begin

      The wait is finally over: Classic WoW opens its doors after almost 2 years of waiting.In a few minutes, it will be Tuesday August 27th 00h01 and the lucky among us will already be starting their wow classic gold quest in a new-old adventure in Azeroth’s vast world.

      For the people who are still stuck in queue, you’re in our thoughts! ;-)While you’re waiting, why not have a look at our 1-60 leveling guides so you can catch up when you finally get in!

      wowclassicgp is YOUR community

      The wowclassicgp website got to where it is thanks mostly to our community that started growing around the project, but also to all our contributors, no matter how small, who helped build it. Writers, contributors, moderators, but also you who, the community, who helped us improve and fix our mistakes: you’re the soul of this project.

      wowclassicgp couldn’t have existed without the group of 40-ish enthusiastic people and the thousands of hours (around 3800) during which they toiled to research, write, format, test and discuss things. These hours have been worth it, because we have now built a structure that aims to become a reference for the WoW Classic community

      We also want to thank all those who helped grow WiC through word of mouth on social media, Youtubers & Twitch streamers who believed in us and used our site while discovering the game and talked to their community about ours in their videos.

      wowclassicgp, your loyal companion

      For months, WiC’s goal has been to accompany you throughout your Classic WoW adventure. This is why we decided to create some universally useful guides like Which class should you play in Classic WoW?While our team doesn’t always know every subtle trick in the game, we try to give you all the bullet points about the world and everything you need to know about your characters so you can choose the race and class that is best for you.
      Class guides:

      Dans la même optique, nos contributeurs ont décliné ce type de guide pour vous présenter les classes et vous fournir des astuces et conseils pour le leveling de chacune des classes disponibles sur WoW Classic : en cas de doute, de besoin ou si votre choix n’est pas encore arrêté sur quelle classe jouer, n’hésitez pas à consulter les guides de chaque classe : Druid, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Priest, Paladin, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior . That’s what they’re here for!
      wow classic guide des classes
      Profession guides:

      While your class determines how you fight, professions are just as interesting, regardless of whether you prefer exploring dungeons, challenging raids, or fighting the other faction. Don’t be shy about reading our Profession guides. They will tell you why you should pick a certain profession, how to level it and how i twill make your character stronger. Professions are powerful and help unleash your character’s full potential in Classic WoW.

      Talent Calculator :

      To go even further, we’ve made our own talent calculator! In Classic WoW, you don’t pick a talent every 15 levels, but instead you progress and develop your character slowly and surely.Don’t hesitate to look up the various talent trees available to each class, look for the perfect build for how you want to play and prepare your leveling phase by studying these talent trees carefully. Note that Classic WoW does not let you “dual spec” and that respeccing costs money, and gold can be a serious concern in Classic! Making sure you know where you’re going will save time and money.

      wow classic talent calculateur

      Thanks to you and our many contributors, wowclassicgp is the first website to have a guild search system. Indeed, having a guild is vital in Classic WoW, and we decided to invest a lot of time in this tool that we find very much essential.At the moment of writing, we’re happy to announce that we already have almost 300 guilds listed in our search system.

      Following up on this success and thanks to our discord community’s insights, we will in the next few weeks add some interesting features such as guilds’ PvE Progression, additional fields and filters…As for the cherry on top, our team also tested numerous addonsto improve the quality of your experience as well as your immersion. We even made an addon pack, tested and approved during the beta, helping you find the best available tools to fully enjoy your journey in Azeroth!

      How wowclassicgp will evolve post-launch:

      Initially, our main objective was to accompany new players who are unfamiliar with Vanilla WoW, through leveling guides and class recommendations.Even through grizzled veterans know WoW in and out, Vanilla was released over 15 years ago, and some guides are probably almost as useful for them as they are for newcomers. This is why we decided to go ahead and write other guides, such as:

      How to access raids such as Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Onyxia or Naxxramas.
      PvP guides for every class (dueling guides, best spec…)
      Gold Farming Guides with the best locations & techniques to make the big bucks.
      A new exclusive feature to publish your talent builds to share with the community.
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