Some Ways to acquire herbs

      Some Ways to acquire herbs

      Being Ironman complicates a lot of things, and some skills become significantly more laborious, but Herblore is probably the most confusing from them all. Even at standard accounts, it is not that simple to train this

      Hunter skill training is very similar in Ironman as with normal account training, and therefore it is trained similarly. The only difference is that you should complete your training at a high level (85+) with Herbiboar tracking as this activity gives a lot of much-needed Herbs on top of Hunter experience.


      Naturally, Magic training comes with a lot of Runecrafting since you will be mainly using Runes to cast spells which give Magic experience. You won't be able to buy them on the Grand Exchange, so almost all of them will have to be created directly by you. You can also get some of them through NPC trading, but this will require a lot of gold. It can be made by various methods, so make sure to read about them in our Ironman Money Making Guide.

      Early levels of Magic training should be done by regular combat with every hit. Note that to make it effective, you will have to find monsters that you can profit from. Especially useful will be those with Herb drops like Twisted Banshee or those with high tier weapon drops like Fire Giants in Waterfall Dungeon. Those can be killed from behind a rock safely up until level 43 when you will learn how to Superheat Iron Ore. This method might be quite time-consuming or expensive as a lot of Nature Runes will be required, but still it will provide the best experience rates at this stage.

      After reaching level 55 of Magic, you will be able to cast High Alchemy, which will be the most useful spell that you can use to monetize items that you don't need anymore. It applies primarily to leftovers from your Fletching training and drops that you get from Slayer.


      In general, Mining training is similar to an Ironman in regular ways of leveling yet the main difference is that you will have to spend an hour or two now and then on mining the resources like gems for Slayer bracelets or Volcanic Ash for Ultracompost. It means that you shouldn't go all the way to 99 with traditional methods but spend some time on farming items that you will need later on. As for pickaxes, you shouldn't have any trouble with getting new ones as most of them can be bought from the NPC store except for the Dragon one, which is the rare drop from some of the bosses. If you opt for mining gold ore you will get precious resources for smithing training


      Another tricky skill to farm for Ironman. Prayer skill requires a tremendous amount of bones or other experience income sources for efficient leveling. Most of the players buy them directly from Grand Exchange but not an Ironman. The best way to start will be questing - just as with most of the skills. Simple missions like The Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, Holy Grail, and Recruitment Drive will be there to take you through the basics of Prayer skill. After this point, you will have to rely on farming bones to get higher levels of Prayer.

      A reliable source of Prayer experience income lies within Dragon Killing. Their bones grants significant experience and do not require very high stats. To kill Blue Dragons below the Taverley (in Taverley Dungeon) you won't need much resources at all since they can be killed from a safe spot. If you want to do this, keep in mind to do it with Magic as they are weak to this particular combat style. Use rocks, giant eggs and columns to make Dragon stuck and finish them off with your spells. Alternatively you might also kill Green Dragons north of the Graveyard in the Wilderness. Just bring an Anti-Dragon Shield, food and equipment. Don't take anything too precious so you won't lose a bank on Player Killers. You might also consider farming for Void Knight Equipment since you won't lose it by dying with it on low Wilderness. It is an excellent set for Dragon Killing and a safe one to wear in this zone.

      All bones that you collect should be sacrificed on the Chaos Altar, but it is a dangerous method, so don't take anything besides the bones that you want to sacrifice. This place is one of the most Player Active zones on Runescape, and it is located on 38 level of Wilderness. It means that players from much higher levels can attack you. It would be wise to store them in the bank and do the Altar running after you have enough of the bones stored, but it's up to you if you want to risk the equipment.

      The other option of training is through the Slayer. During your Slayer tasks, you can collect many Ensouled Monster Heads, which can be reanimated at the Dark Altar. Killing reanimated monsters gives large chunks of Prayer experience, but it is a less consistent method than regular bones farming, so you can't count on getting enough Ensouled Heads to get from level 1 to 99.


      Runecrafting requires a tremendous amount of Pure Essence for leveling purposes, which is gained through the mining and monster drops. The first method is straightforward, but not effective, as you would have spent way too much time mining rocks that barely give any Mining experience. It is why you want to focus on killing Monster, which not only drops Essence in large amounts but also other valuable items that you might benefit from. The best ones will be Gargoyles and Skeletal Wyverns on Slayer tasks. Higher-level players can also farm Zulrah boss for endgame drops and large amounts of Pure Essence.

      These are not the only methods to get some Runes as you might also use some alternative ones to your advantage. Temple Trekking minigame offers a considerable amount of Essences with a little effort, and through finishing Ardougne Diary, you might receive some daily runes from Wizard Cromperty.

      One of the best values when it comes to the experience that you can get comes from crafting Lava Runes. This method has low-level requirements but does need to be fueled by a lot of items. Tons of emeralds are necessary to make Rings of Duelling as well as Binding Necklaces. Those are used for fast traveling between the bank and the altar. You also want to unlock Magic Imbue spell, which will let you make runes without a need to carry talismans.

      The most advised method, however, is the Ourania Altar, where you can get far more useful runes than the Lava ones - those are barely useful. You can do this activity in the world intended to do it, which will make the process faster as other people will kill dangerous creatures for you. Later in the game, if you want to switch into the Rulemaking process that does not require Pure Essence, you can make Blood Runes (from 77) or Soul Runes (from 90). Those will also be necessary for endgame spells.


      Although training Woodcutting skill as an Ironman does not differ from regular methods, you will have to make some of the adjustments so you will have enough wood for planks used in Construction training later on. You will need around 15k Oak logs for the Construction training to reach level 75. At this stage, you will be training with other methods. Getting 15k Oak logs will be a struggle and a slow Woodcutting experience, but it has to be done to make Construction training less painful.

      Axes up to a Rune tier are dropped by Tree Spirits. Those can be found in the Enchanted Valley. To see them, players have to attempt to cut down a tree that grows there. He will be immediately stopped by a Tree Spirit of a Combat Level corresponding to this of the player. As those monsters can be safe-spotted, food won't be necessary in this farm. Players who have used Winterodt training for Firemaking skill might also have Dragon Axe in one of the reward boxes. This Axe can also be farmed through killing Dagannoth King.

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